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This article was originally published in the Fall 2015 issue of Cottage Life magazine.Wake up at the same time every morning, burn the same toast, put on the same make up you wear everyday, wander out the door, count down the hours till work is over, go home and sit around in your sweats.

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Some of them are silly, while some are more meaningful, so hopefully just reading the list makes your life less boring and sparks your creativity.

Make it playful, like participating in a sport or a game such as recreational softball, basketball or soccer.

6 Ways the Most Successful People Conquer Boredom at Work

Every day is the same: Get up, go to a long day of school, come home.

Repetition creates boring routines that numb the mind and suck the joy out of life.This seems like a tragedy, but really all we need is awareness of this tendency to make it a habit to intentionally live in the positive.

Things to Do When You Have a Boring Life | Our Everyday Life

Make water less boring by understanding your incredible body.Like a celebrity worshipped by millions despite an acknowledged lack of talent, the boneless, skinless chicken breast easily wins the Most Popular Poultry Award on cottage grills.Life Tech Business INSIDER TV All. 10 hacks that will make your morning oatmeal less boring.Help your children increase activity by playing catch or other games such as tag.Whether it be playing a guitar, knitting, programming, drawing, juggling or learning a new language.

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6 fruit-infused waters that will make life *way* less boring

Should he make life a little less terrible by reaching for his bong.

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DEAR ABBY: My life is boring, repetitive and I am often depressed.

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The list is a great reminder that we are ultimately in control of our perceptions and experiences.And it fuels us with power to go and achieve more than we could with just pure will and brute force.

Make Your Own Make Believe: 17 DIY Dress Up Clothes for Imaginative Play.The life and soul of the house is most likely going to be one room.News flash: The passion will fade with time—no matter how eagerly she jumped in the sack when you first started dating.If you went back and told my cooler 20-year-old self about the typical evening that awaits the future her, though, she would be pretty devastated that her life turns out to be so. boring. That.Yes, a fearful lifestyle can make an interesting person lead a boring life.


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